16 July 2022






1550 m

Art of Taiji, by Fanny Wang

Sunday 17 July 2022

Fanny Wang, world vice-champion in Taiji and trained physiotherapist, will honor us with her presence in the newly opened cultural space of Alt.1550 in Grimentz. She will teach a group of students and offer public demonstrations of Taiji.

This ancestral internal martial art bequeathed to us by China is much more than a simple “health gymnastics”. It is a real meditation in slow and fluid movements, where the gesture is so fully inhabited by consciousness that it can bring you to a deep knowledge of your subtle being.

Taiji enthusiasts want to recharge their batteries, improve their flexibility and balance, stimulate their concentration, live in full awareness of movement, channel their energy, revitalize themselves, optimize their health potential!

This exceptional meeting will allow you to get to know this martial art better, to ask your questions and perhaps to register for the course session which will take place at Alt.1550 from July 18 to 22, 2022.

To register or ask your questions, please send us a message using the following form: Contact.